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[COMIC] Countdown A1 Translation by THUKST

Screens by me =D
Thank You merle midori @ THUKST posting the translation on THUS


[edit] Re-sized them. is bored =B
hopefully for those who cant view the comic and hope you see the comic with the screens hosted on Imageshack ^^a. if its still too big i can down size them for you again ^_^


Feel free to DL the comics screens that i made =D

"britzel" is the sound description used every time the twins jump through time.

… what previously happened!

Twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz discover the new Audi A1. Each of them quickly decides on their favourite model. However, that does not automatically mean everything is hunky-dory. Far from it. Without further delay the two of them want to find out what the Audi A1 has to offer, of course, or better yet: who can get the most out of their favourite. When the starter girl throws her arms up into the air Bill and Tom speed off across the track in the blink of an eye and disappear in the bright light at the end of the factory building.

But suddenly...

Tom: Woah, it’s so bright!*vroom*

Bill: Do you want to give up already?

Both: “Britzel?”

Bill: What was that just then?

Bill: Where do all the oldtimer cars come from?
Tom: No idea, but I’m losing them!

Bill: For that you have to get past me first, kiddo!

Both: Again?!

Blond guy: Have you already seen the new DKW?
Dark-haired guy: Yes, of course, snazzy thing!
Blond guy: I’d buy that one immediately but unfortunately all my money was spent on pomade and leather jackets already.

Blond guy: Dude, there it is!
Dark-haired guy. The chick isn’t bad either!

Tom: Hey Bill, I think I figured it out! Every time we’re fast enough, we’re jumping through time....Bill?

Bill: ... just come to our concert; it starts at 7pm.
Woman: 7pm? That’s only five minutes away.

Tom: In five minutes?!
Bill: We’ll be late!!

Police: Stop! Stop! Come to a halt!

Police: You’re too fast!

Bill/Tom: That was the plan!

Bill: What’s that coming at us...... straight ahead?!

Bill: Hey, you in front, get a move on!
Oh, you whippersnapper. He who drives slowly also gets to his destination.

Bill: Finally he took a turn. Fast now!
Tom: Wanna bet I get there before you?

Tom: We’re almost there! Hey, over there. They want to start without us!

Tom: Come on, hurry!
Bill: I don’t need to be told twice.

Fans: They’re finally here.

That's where the comic ends and the Audi competition starts because people are supposed to continue the story and submit it to Audi. They choose a story that wins the competition (and an Audi) and it will get drawn to be the next comic part. -merle midori @THUS
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