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Countdown A1 [ First part of the COMIC] - xxkurenaixshixx — LiveJournal
Countdown A1 [ First part of the COMIC]
is bored and fooling around on the site and hey, you know i didnt notice this portion.
did you guys know ^^?
ps: i dont know what they are saying ^^
[EDIT] Now with Translations. Thanks again Midori for the cross post translations =D

Screens by me again =D


Photo Comic

Bill and Tom Kaulitz’ brother duel

Does Tom have the perfect game plan or will he let Bill take the wind out of his sails on the final metres?

Tom: Hey brother dearest, you can still back out. I’ll keep it to myself!

Bill: Haha. Ready when you are. Or are you chickening out?

Tom: Ok, it’s a done deal.

Bill: Victory is mine.

Tom: Keep on dreaming!!!

Bill: Let’s go! Let actions do the talking!

Tom: Look into my exhaust [pipe], brother!

Bill: Well, hopefully my tail lights won’t be blinding you!

Both: Wicked bet. Cool ride!!

Tom: Sweet! The air’s on fire now!

Nathalie: Who wants to win my heart??!

Tom: Get off the runway, sweetheart!

Bill *thinking*: The winner will get the first dance… [it’ll be] me!

Nathalie: Keep cool, Tom.

Bill: Yup! I have to get away faster. A start-to-finish-victory would be the perfect thing!

Tom: I’m just letting it come first. Then I’m stepping on it without mercy until it’ll be smoking!

Nathalie: Start the engines, guys!

Bill *thinking*: Awesome feeling…

Tom *thinking*: I’m shaking him off…

Nathalie: Three…

Nathalie two… one… go!!!


Continues in http://xxkurenaixshixx.livejournal.com/28556.html

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